Table Tennis: Basics

Buyer's Guide August 01, 2017 by menscave

Buying a Table Tennis Table.

While Table Tennis tables comes primarily in one size – don’t bother with the mini ones, there are a fair bit of differences when it comes to the details; 16/ 18/ 22mm boards, MDF vs Resin etc. Our expert team is here today to write a quick guide on what to look out for when buying a table tennis table.

Thickness of the table top & why it matters

The first thing to look out for is the table top thickness. This is the key factor that determines the bounce quality of the ball. Thickness of table tops can start at 10mm for a basic table, and goes to 22mm for a tournament table. As a general rule of thumb, the thicker the table top, the better the bounce which will lead to a faster and more satisfying gameplay.

Outdoor tables however operates on a different platform. Instead of MDF, Resin is used to provide waterproofing and thickness typically comes in between 3.5mm – 7.0mm. Once again, the thicker the table top, the better.

Our recommendation? 22mm is designed for professional/ training users and is recommended for schools or people looking for the best experience. 19mm however, is what we consider to be a really good thickness for the majority of users.

Frame & Chassis

If you’re a table tennis player, then you would know that the table do get a certain amount of wear and tear from the constant knocking and brushing during games. This is where the frame & chassis comes into play.

Look at the thickness and design of the frame. Users with higher usage should be looking at a more solid frame, which is typically comprising of thicker square section steel with additional reinforcements around the table top. Casual users however, will find round section tables to be mostly sufficient.

Our recommendation? Don’t make your decision purely from the type of support frame. Take a good look at how the frame is designed, if it’s flimsy or made with very thin steel. These are all factors we look at when appraising a table tennis table.

Compare the features

By now you would have covered two of the most important factors in gauging the quality of a table tennis table, and if a particular table is well built or worth the money you’re paying for it. The last thing to do however, is to compare the finer features between the tables.

Some important features that good tables should have includes;

• Ball & bat storage

• Playback facility

• Ease of foldability

• Ball dispenser

• Adjustable net – Height & tension

• UV coated table top

Our recommendations? These are some very important features to look out for in your table, and so make sure that you compare tables on the basis of these features as well. Adjustable net as well as playback facilities are two of the most important ones that we will recommend.

Final Word

If you have reached this part of the guide, then congratulations as you’re now on your way to being a discerning buyer of a good table tennis table. We hope this guide will prove to be useful for you, and do let us know if you need advise or opinion on a particular table!



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