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Month: August 2017

Bonzini Babyfoot B90

Why the B90 is the World Best Foosball Table Around

To the untrained eye, every football table looks the same. However, there are a lot of details that differs from table to table, brand to brand. Today we will review the Bonzini B90 and find out if it indeed lives up to it’s huge reputation as the best foosball table in the world.    Playfield (5/5)   The Bonzini B90 uses a linoleum playfield. This is exclusively used on Bonzini tables allowing a level of control higher than any other table in the world. The playfield compresses slightly to enable users to trap and pin the ball when passing fromRead More

Garlando Pro Champion Foosball Table

Garlando Pro Champion – Unbeatable Foosball Table for the Money

Our readers and customers challenged us to find the ultimate foosball table without breaking the bank, and here we’ve got one – The Garlando Pro Champion. As an official ITSF endorsed tournament table, the Garlando Pro Champion has solid credentials that far belies it’s humble price tag. But is there really such a thing as a great foosball table? Lucky for you, the editor is in geeky mood today to fully strip down the Pro Champion and bare it in it’s entirety for your reading pleasure.   Playfield (4.8/5)   The Pro Champion uses a sandblasted glass playing field that isRead More

Top 5 Must Haves For Your Man Cave

The 5 Must Haves For Your Man Cave

Now, one of the most frequent questions that the team has faced would be what makes a great Man Cave. That is clearly our realm of expertise and so, the editors have decided to put up a quick write up with our Top 5 Must Haves. You’re welcomed. 5.Barney’s Beer Pong Table It’s going to be legen – wait for it – dary! LEGENDARY! If you haven’t been somehow living under a rock in the last decade, you would have probably heard of this familiar quote somewhere in the wonderful CBS sitcom – How I Met Your Mother. I wouldn’tRead More

Playing Area for Foosball

Space Guide : Foosball

“Quick,shoot shoot! GOAL~!” Want to play football but not in luck when finding teammates? Well, you can play football even if there is two of you.  You must be thinking “How?” Well, get a foosball table! You can play with two to four person. In this series, we will guide you through the space you need for fitting a foosball table in your man’s cave. Remember to check out our extensive selection of foosball table that are designed to be robust enough for adult usage. In general, Foosball table is relatively space saving. You will need to cater some additional spaceRead More

retro arcade machine-space guide

Space Guide : Retro Arcade Machine

80’s favourite Retro Arcade Machine Every time I saw the street fighter in the arcade. It always brings me down my memories lane. 80% of my time, I am sitting in the arcade playing street fighter with my friends In this series of space guide, we will guide you how to fit these “bulky” retrocade machine in your home. Despite the common misconception about how bulky these arcade machines are, many are surprised by the actual footprint of one of these machines. Calculating The Area Required The recommended space for a retro arcade machine is 68cm x 68cm (2.2ft x 2.2ft)Read More

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  • Over 600 classic games in HD, what beats playing a game on the retrocade vewlix on a rainy day?⠀
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  • It's mid-week (sort of) - and I kind of miss this. Do you?
  • You might be busy preparing for Chinese New Year but we have not forgotten that Valentine’s day is in one month’s time! If your loved one (or friends) love playing games, why not get a retrocade to play the 600 free games? - Link in Bio!
  • Pool Than Dine ? I'd rather Pool THEN Dine! Why do you need to choose one over the other when you can have both! - Link in bio!
  • My favourite memory last year was dining and playing on the Pool Dining Table with my friends ☺️ - Link in Bio!
  • What a sight! It’s time for the Great Foosball League 😍 -
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  • What’s happening at The Men’s Cave these few weeks? 🤗 Comment below what you think this is! -
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  • Whenever my girlfriend gives me the evil eye when I play Metal Slug on the Retrocade Pro, I’d tell her this (and she’ll play with me)!

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