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Avant Garde – Dining Table Of The 21st Century?

Not everyone has the luxury of space to fit a dedicated pool table into their home. That’s exactly what makes the Avant Garde such a popular product. Today, we review this ingenious 2-in-1 pool dining table.


Playfield (4.8/5)

The Avant Garde uses a 19mm one piece Brazilian slate as its playing surface. With the slate and rails covered in premium West of England Strachan cloth, this pool table is of a suitable standard for weekly one-day tournaments in the bars in Europe. The table comes in 2 sizes, the standard 7FT or slightly smaller 6FT. Read more about slate bed tables in our Pool Table Buyer’s Guide.

Avant Garde Pool Table in Walnut & Black

Playability (5/5)

Following the English game of Pool, the 7FT Avant Garde plays using traditional red & yellow 2” Aramith balls with the white ball slightly smaller at 1⅞”. English cut pockets retains a certain level of difficulty comparable to larger pool tables. The more commonly seen stripe & solid balls are also available.

Pool Accessories

Durability (4.7/5)

While you might not play pool everyday, being a 2 in 1 table, the Avant Garde is expected to be used daily and thus is built to be durable to handle day to day usage. With a 36mm thick Birch plywood to support the slate, the table has increased strength and rigidity. A very durable table just a notch below traditional tables placed in bars.

Auxiliary (4.7/5)

As a pool dining table, the table comes with matching 2 piece dining top covers. The underside of the table cabinet measure about 59cm from the floor which is sufficient for comfortable sitting during meals. It also allows it to be paired with most dining chairs or pool table benches should you prefer. The Avant Garde also comes with a ball return system built into the slender frame allowing for easier racking after every game.

Pool Table Ball Return

Overall (4.8/5)

Made in Liverpool, UK, the Avant Garde is a high quality pool dining table that impresses on both counts: being a dining table and being a pool table. Using a one piece stone slate allows the table to maintain its professional standards over long periods of play and only the occasional leveling is required. Bonus points for the relatively easy assembly/disassembly so you don’t have to panic if you are planning to move it in the future.


To find out more, visit our Avant Garde Dining Pool Table page or our complete pool table range.

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