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The 5 Must Haves For Your Man Cave

Now, one of the most frequent questions that the team has faced would be what makes a great Man Cave. That is clearly our realm of expertise and so, the editors have decided to put up a quick write up with our Top 5 Must Haves. You’re welcomed.

5. Barney’s Beer Pong Table

It’s going to be legen – wait for it – dary! LEGENDARY!

If you haven’t been somehow living under a rock in the last decade, you would have probably heard of this familiar quote somewhere in the wonderful CBS sitcom – How I Met Your Mother. I wouldn’t bore you with the details about who this fella with the ducky tie is (Go find out if you don’t), but know this, be prepared for more legendary moments every time your friends pop by with this official sized beer pong table.

The ‘Barney’s Beer Pong Table’ is available at $335 inclusive of accessories. Get it here.

Honourable Mention: Pacman Beer Pong Table.

4. Antares Electronic Dartboard

We never ever thought that building an awesome Man Cave is akin to throwing wads of cash up in the air – that’s for the night joints – and this is further proof of that.

The Antares Electronic Dartboard is one super smart electronic dartboard that we like. With one of the most competent LCD display in the market, the Antares allows user to play advanced games like crickets at ease. With more than 20 games installed, along with capabilities of up to 8 players, you’re pretty much guaranteed a winner with this fella. Did we mention that darts are included as well?

The Antares is available at $280 inclusive of accessories. Get it here.

Honorable Mention: Unicorn Eclipse Dartboard.

3. Garlando Pro Champion

The best bang for the buck. 

Have we ever mentioned that we’re big foosball enthusiasts? In fact, that’s where it all started for us. When it comes to foosball tables, the undisputed table of them all is quite simply the Garlando Pro Champion. And here’s why.

Officially recognised by the ITSF (www.table-soccer.org) as the official tournament table for the Pro Tour, the Garlando Pro Champion delivers incredible gameplay while providing a robust platform for the toughest usage. It’s an incredibly solid table, and better yet, is the best priced table in the market today among the other tournament quality tables from brands like Tornado or Bonzini.

If you’re looking for a good foosball table, then mark out words – Stop looking and just go for the Pro Champion.

The Garlando Pro Champion is available at $1700 inclusive of balls. Get it here.

Honorable Mention: Bonzini B90 Flagship.

2. Retrocade Super Mini

You know what qualifies as a Men’s Cave item? Something that sounds absolutely crazy at anytime of the day, goes through repeated rounds of disapprovals by our better half and finally winding up at our place. And frankly, nothing – absolutely nothing – personifies this better than the Retrocade Super Mini.

Call it pure nostalgia, reviving the golden age of arcade gaming of the 80s, or going back to the time in your life where you burnt through quarters faster than your school notes, the Super Mini is quite simply all that multiplied by several hundreds (of games).

Retro-gaming is getting huge these days, and for all the right reason. Super classics like Pac-man, Space Invaders & Golden Axe, along with modern day favourites like Street Fighter II, Marvel Super Heroes and Metal Slugs are creative geniuses that are simply too valuable to slip away into the abyss.

What’s best, is how the Super Mini is really super mini. It can be placed on any table top, and yet boast a 20″ LCD screen, super cool LED backlights and two players configuration – so you get the original playing experience with the full sized machine while saving plenty of space.

You know what? The Super Mini is here to bring bromance to a whole new level.

The Retrocade Super Mini is available at $2250 and is delivered ready to play. Get it here.

Honorable Mention: Retrocade Pro Space Monsters.

1. Avant Garde Pool Dining Table

Now onto the number 1 spot on our list. The pinnacle of every Man Cave out there. The Avant Garde Pool Dining Table takes the top spot by virtue of being the essential classic of every mancave. Plus, who doesn’t play pool?

The thing about pool tables at home can be how much space is required, and how it’s such an impractical choice yada yada yada. With the Avant Garde though, you’re looking at a full sized 7 ft English pool table equipped with Aramith balls, Brazilian slate and premium napless cloth. The playing experience is nothing short of the real deal, and you could give it a go at our showroom.

What’s better is how this table is actually a completely functional dining table in disguise. With the removable table tops on, there’s no hint of a pool table underneath it. Pair it with a troubleshooter cue (short cue) if you would like to save space, and you have a dining table and a pool table for the price of one.

As we wind down this list, we’ve gone through a number of our very own picks, and the Avant Garde certainly earns our biggest recommendation. If you’re looking to get started on your Man Cave, then let this list be your holy grail.

The Avant Garde Dining Pool Table is available from $3550.00 – $3750.00 inclusive of all accessories. Get it here.

Honorable Mention: Fusion Outdoor Dining Pool Table.



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