a) What’s The Men’s Cave actually about?


I’m glad you asked.


We’re a local company that began in 2007 and are the first and only specialist company to devote ourselves to delivering incredible mancave experiences – Awesome entertainment, lifestyle & pure camaraderie.


We travel around the world, seeking the coolest products that fit into our ideology, and we work hand in hand with the suppliers to bring in products that do not only look great, but are absolutely the best in their field. This is important. Product quality is something we’re incredibly particular about.


We’re always on the lookout for new ideas, and if you think there’s something out there in the globe that we should carry, drop us an email at general@themenscave.sg!

b) Do you have a showroom for viewing?


Yes! We’ve the one of the largest – if not the largest – showroom in Singapore displaying virtually every kind of product you see on here. Showroom address is at;


61 Bukit Batok Crescent,
Heng Loong Building #06-02


Note: Viewing is strictly by appointment, so do give us a call prior to dropping by.

c) Are these items all in stock for immediate delivery?


Unlike many e-commerce stores these days that merely ship a product over when you purchase, The Men’s Cave stocks up on almost every single product in our dedicated warehouse to ensure immediate delivery, and more importantly, to maintain a high quality of Q.C on every product we sell.


The only products that we do not carry in stock are those that have customisable options. These products are built-to-order.

d) There are too many choices! Do you have recommendations for me?


One of the things we do well is to ensure that what you need comes first, not our profitability. Our in-house specialists are always happy to speak to you about what you’re really looking for, and advice accordingly.

2) Delivery & Lead Time

a) Is there a lead time on my product?


Almost all our items are sold in stock. However, there may be a lead time for certain products that requires customization. To find out the actual lead time, check out each product page, or give us a call for immediate assistance.

b) I’m living in Singapore, do you guys provide delivery?


Yes. We provide delivery on all orders. For all orders above $250, free delivery is provided. Professional setup is also provided on most of all the products.


For orders beneath $250, a $10 delivery charge is added to the final order.

c) How long does it take to deliver a product upon order?


The duration that it takes for us to arrange delivery for an item in stock is stated as between 3 – 5 working days. Most of the time however, we will deliver within 3 working days.


If you’ve a preferred delivery date, drop us a message or call upon ordering and we will do our best to accede to it.

d) I’ve a preferred date of delivery, how do I schedule for it?


During checkout, you can add a preferred delivery date and time to your order by adding remarks, and upon receiving your order, we will do our best to accede to your request.


Regardless, we will always give you a call upon confirmation of the order to fix a delivery date and time for your order.

3) Website & Payments

a) Why am I unable to proceed with my cart purchase?


There may be something in the cart that is ineligible for purchase. In international purchases especially, some items are not available for shipping overseas. Remove those items and the cart will check out fine.


Otherwise, contact customer support with your cart and we will handle it from there.

b) What are the modes of payments?


There are currently two modes of payment; COD & Paypal.


For local buyers, COD is available and that means, you will only need to pay us upon delivery of the item. For payment, you can opt for bank transfer, cash or even cheque.


For international buyers, the only option we have at the moment is Paypal. Paypal is a highly secured payment gateway that allows you to make payment via your credit card. For more information, please visit www.paypal.com

c) I’m purchasing on behalf of my company. What are the payment terms?


Yes, for corporate clients, we are happy to extend a 30 days payment term for all orders. Please furnish us with the relevant corporate information for us to extend this policy to you.

d) Will I be getting an invoice for my order?


Absolutely. All orders comes with an original copy invoice that will be sent to you upon delivery.

4) International Orders

a) I’m not from Singapore. Do you ship overseas?


Yes. Most of our products can be delivered overseas. We also make sure that products that are chosen for international shipping are easy to assemble. Products that are too large, or cannot be assembled by you are not available for shipping. Click on the “International” tab at each product for more information.


Currently, we ship to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines & Australia. If you live in a country outside these countries, you can email us with an enquiry for us to quote on shipping.

b) How do you ship internationally?


For all our export shipments, we are using TNT Express, which is a professional courier company for large items. We’re given exceptional rates due to the volume that we ship, and these savings are passed on to you.


All shipments are sent via air freight and will take between 3 – 7 working days. Upon arrival, items are delivered straight to your doorstep via TNT local offices, so do make sure to input the correct delivery address in checkout.

c) What are the shipping rates?


We’ve a checkout calculator that automatically calculates your shipping rate depending on your location. However, if you would like to calculate yourself, you will just have to multiply the /KG prices of your country, with the chargeable weight of your item.


The rate chart is here. Please note that for international orders, we have a minimum order of 10KG before we will ship overseas.


d) Where can I find out more about making an international order?


You can visit our international shipping page or simply contact us for more information.

3 Things That Makes Us Awesome

only the best

We source from the top brands around the world, so you get only the best.

great prices

All our prices are comparable, if not better than other major sellers.

free delivery

Enjoy free local deliveries on all orders!

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