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Space Guide : Foosball

“Quick,shoot shoot! GOAL~!”

Want to play football but not in luck when finding teammates?

Well, you can play football even if there is two of you.  You must be thinking “How?”

Well, get a foosball table! You can play with two to four person.

In this series, we will guide you through the space you need for fitting a foosball table in your man’s cave. Remember to check out our extensive selection of foosball table that are designed to be robust enough for adult usage.

In general, Foosball table is relatively space saving. You will need to cater some additional space around the table for movement during the gameplay.

Calculating The Area Required

Using Garlando Foosball table as a guide, the area required is 150cm x 125cm.  As the rule of thumb of fitting a foosball table, the area we recommend is 150cm x 189cm.

If you are facing an issue of space constraints, you can consider getting a foldable foosball table, which saves more space when folded up nicely, and you can put it near the wall when not in use.

Garlando Foldy Evo Foosball Table Folded


Simply choose a perfect spot in your man’s cave and follow our space guide measurement to fit a foosball table.

If you are unsure which style of foosball table to get, check out our article “different style of foosball table”. I am sure it will give you more insight on which type of table suit you the most. For more, check out our other Space Guide series.



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