- November 24, 2016
Pool Table Installation
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In today’s write-up, we present the basic idea about Pool Table Installation and its key points. This installation was slightly different as we had to deliver a pool table to our customer’s rooftop terrace. For that, we had to deploy a crane to lift the table to the roof before we can proceed to assemble the table.

Pool Table Installation

The table in question is the DPT 7FT Fusion Outdoor Dining Pool Table. It is one of the easiest tables to assemble and if you do it right, it takes about an hour to finish after unpacking. Before delivery we have to lay the cloth for the rails and the slate. This can be done with this table because it uses a single piece stone slate for the playing area. This is done to ensure the assembly process at our customer’s place can be finished in a reasonably short time. After the hassle of unpacking, we begin. First we rest the mainframe of the table on a couple of high stools before assembling the legs to the table.

Pool Table Installation

After that we level the table. This is done by adjusting the individual height of the 4 table legs. This ensures that even if the ground is not level, the playing field will still be level. Levelling the table is the most important step and we have to be extra meticulous. No one wants to play on a table where the balls does not roll true. The next step would be to lay the slate. 

Pool Table Installation

After that, we check the playing field again to ensure it is levelled with the slate on. The last step is to fasten the rails to the table.

Pool Table Installation

Then its time to play a game! To simplify it, assembling this lovely pool table takes only 3 basic steps.
1. Assembling legs to table and levelling the table.
2. Lay slate onto table and double check if table is levelled.
3. Fasten rails to table. Total time taken for assembly ~ about 1-1.5 hours.


There you have it, a basic Pool Table Installation done by The Men’s Cave.

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