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Pool Table Space Guide

Pool Table

To get the maximum enjoyment out of your pool table, it’s important that you allow for sufficient playing space around the table. In this short guide, we will advise on the recommended space, and some useful alternatives if space is a constraint.

Calculating The Area Required

When it comes to calculating the area required for a pool table, it’s quite simple. Just use this formula and you will come to the ideal space required for a pool table;

Ideal Length: 10ft + length of table
Ideal Width: 10ft + width of table

This is on the basis of using a 57” cue, and so if you’re looking at purchasing a 7ft table, then the ideal space would be 17ft x 13.5ft.

Space Saving Alternative

If however space is a constraint, then a 48” troubleshooter cue can be used when shots at the edge of the table are to be taken. In which case, you could reduce the space required by a further 2ft on both the length and width.

Therefore, a 7ft table would only require 15ft x 11.5ft, which is a much smaller area than the original ideal space.

Do not worry about a troubleshooter cue affecting the quality of gameplay though, as our troubleshooter cues are all properly weighted and designed to feel like a regular cue.

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