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What makes Pinball Machines so special?

Pinball machine is a game of art. Every pinball machines require talented game designers and engineers to create a series of artwork, special effects, and music to complement each other. This leaves every pinball machine to be completely unique and truly one of its own.

Pinball artworks are beautifully drawn in, to illustrate the game objectives, feel of the theme, that makes the whole machine looks like a piece of art.

Most pinball machines have immersive sound experience. For example, Iron Maiden has a fully integrated music, so if you listen closely to the lyrics, you will find that it’s actually being expressed during game-play itself. So that’s pretty cool!

Pinball machines require a strong game design with strong depth in storyline. This is where it creates shots that are so satisfying to hit and various strategical concept.

Lastly, Pinball thrives on exclusivity. These machines are only built in limited time, and in very limited quantities. Very often, you may not be able to get a set that you want. This means that quality and sought after titles truly become collector’s stuff.