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Garlando Pro Champion – Unbeatable Foosball Table for the Money

Our readers and customers challenged us to find the ultimate foosball table without breaking the bank, and here we’ve got one – The Garlando Pro Champion.

As an official ITSF endorsed tournament table, the Garlando Pro Champion has solid credentials that far belies it’s humble price tag. But is there really such a thing as a great foosball table? Lucky for you, the editor is in geeky mood today to fully strip down the Pro Champion and bare it in it’s entirety for your reading pleasure.


Playfield (4.8/5)


The Pro Champion uses a sandblasted glass playing field that is unique and different from the more common plastic laminate found on other tables. The smooth playing surface encourages speed play ideal for offices.


Figurines (4.8/5)


The players are the other factor that determines the playability of a foosball table. The Pro Champion comes with moplen unbreakable figurines in traditional red and blue teams. The deep ‘V’ feet of the players allows the Pro Champion to retain a high level of control where passing between rods are not an issue.


Style of Play / Playability (5/5)


Played with traditional plastic balls on a sandblasted surface, the Garlando promotes speed play while still being able to retain a high level of control when passing from rod to rod. While the style of play is less European and more English, the table plays fast and exciting and is certainly worthy of its 5 star rating.


Durability (4.8/5)


As one of the official ITSF tournament tables, the Pro Champion is built to handle the rough play during competitive events. With a 25mm thick MDF cabinetry and 90mm x 90mm square metal legs, the table is designed for the heaviest of usage in offices or recreational spaces. Coupled with unbreakable figurines, this table will last the better part of a decade.


Auxiliary (4.7/5)


Being the official ITSF tournament table, the Garlando Pro Champion has auxiliary features for a tournament setting. The score counter allows players to keep track of games, sets and goals and a ball entry point in the middle of the table. Leg levellers enables the playing surface to be completely flat for a tournament setting and while we could do with beer holders, we can fully understand why the table doesn’t come with them.


Overall (4.8/5)


For a table of such quality, the Pro Champion is very reasonably priced. Best placed in offices, schools and recreational spaces where heavy usage is expected, the table is highly rated in all departments and only marginally behind the Bonzini in durability.


Who is this for?


Anybody really. Anybody looking for a foosball table should basically eliminate all other options and look squarely at the Pro Champion. Durable, great playing and well priced, the Pro Champion is the undisputed dollar for dollar, pound for pound champion of the foosball world.


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