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Playing Area for 7FT Pool Table

Pool Table Space Guide

Pool Table To get the maximum enjoyment out of your pool table, it’s important that you allow for sufficient playing space around the table. In this short guide, we will advise on the recommended space, and some useful alternatives if space is a constraint. Calculating The Area Required When it comes to calculating the areaRead More

Playing Area for Foosball

Foosball Space Guide

Foosball Foosball tables are relatively space saving in general, and you will just need to cater some additional space around the table for movement during gameplay. As a rule of thumb, the recommended area for a foosball table is an area of 185cm x 150cm. If you have space constraints, you can also consider a foldableRead More

Playing Area For Arcade Machine

Retro Arcade Space Guide

Retro Arcade Despite the common misconception about how bulky these arcade machines are, many are surprised by the actual footprint of one of these machines. The area required for one of these machines works out to be around 68cm x 68cm – which is slightly above 4 sqf. Just take note, Retroarcade machines all run on 240vRead More

Playing Area for Table Tennis

Table Tennis Space Guide

Table Tennis Table tennis tables are one of our largest items, and a full sized table tennis table typically size up to around 273cm x 153cm. That’s around the size of a 9ft table. The official tournament space requirement for table tennis table is 46ft x 23ft – which is an incredible amount of space that rendersRead More

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  • We got our favourite vinyl spinning today!
#thekillers #turntables #mymenscave
  • A dartboard at home?! Who would've thought of that?
#Vdarts #MyManCave #MensDen
  • We know there isn't a one size fit all foosball table, hence the diverse range of tables to fit your home, offices or even outdoor garden where you want that extra element of fun!
Find the table you love and leave the rest to us!
  • Our latest addition to the Retrocade range combines an Arcade Cabinet with a Coffee Table - allowing you to play from your couch ergonomically.
Now, you boys can dutifully accompany your missus with her Korean dramas while gaming to your favourite hits.
Drop by our showroom to take a look at this fella!
  • Let's share a meal and a game after.#billardsmontfort
  • We are pleased to collaborate with Lope Lab this weekend for their Urban Ventures Installation at Keong Saik Road.
Look out for our prized Garlando Foosball Table onsite and have a game or two with your family and friends!
#KeongSaikOTR #UrbanVentures #LOPELAB #themenscavesg
  • Walk through this door and experience the hedonism you could only dream of before.#themenscavesg
  • The only secret to be a better pool player than your bros: Using office hours to hone your shots.
#themenscavesg #pooltable
  • Table tennis showdown to end off our Thursday: Checked.
#themenscavesg #tabletennis #kettler

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